Risk Management Services

Over the past 30 years, RPS Regency has specialized in administering workers’ compensation self-insured groups (SIGs). Our SIG programs have far outperformed the standard market. You now have the ability to bring your clients (both fund and non-fund) this same expertise to reduce exposures and provide cost savings.

Our Risk Management Service platform offers a suite of services—all geared towards loss prevention and mitigation. As an Agency Partner you understand and appreciate how these services can provide a return on investment for your clients. Let RPS Regency assist you to retain and attract new clients by providing them with transparent access to the expertise and vendor network we have developed over decades.

Some of the available services include:

  • Claim Related Services
    • Reserve Audits
    • Claim Review Facilitation
    • Loss & Trending Analysis
    • Accelerated Claim Closure Projects
  • Loss Prevention Services
    • Risk Assessments
    • Mock OSHA Inspections
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Safety Training Programs
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Safety Committee Development
  • Other Services
    • Experience Mod Analysis
    • Wellness Programs
    • Accident Investigation Training
    • Job Site Analysis
    • HR Tools & Resources