Welcome to the First Day of Summer!

In 2017, the summer will begin on the 21st of June! 

First Day of Summer - Regency Group

The first day of summer 2017 marks the commencement of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. The timings of the summer solstice are the timings when the sun reaches its northern-most point at equator.  Summer Solstice is also the time for great fun activities like going outdoors, boating, fishing and swimming.


We have also shared the full moon dates of summer season and other celebrations and special days that make the pleasant summer a festive one. The first day of the seasons are taken as very auspicious and considered to bring good luck. Fruitful tasks like harvesting, many religious rituals and ceremonies as well significant personal and social events are preferred to be done on the first day of the seasons for bringing success and fortune.

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